About ARBA Revival Band

Since the beginning, in Denmark, more than 30 years ago..

ARBA Revival Band they have developed into a professional and perpetual success with Swedish Abba as their ideal.

The need to worship Abba and their music did far from vanish with the break up of the group in 1982. ARBA Revial Bands unerring cover has convinced many fans and led the band on a successful pop-odyssey with Abba's fantastic pop songs and cool seventies-glam in the trunk.

The secondmost original Scandinavian ABBA band

With the billing, "The Original ARBA Revial Band From Scandinavia" they have successfully toured for a great number of years and appeared on several TV- and radio shows in Scandinavia, Greenland and Germany.
The ARBA Revial Band members are currently seven show musicians from Denmark and Sweden. The band performs using the classic abba-line-up with the two couples in front and a backing band.
The overall impression of the sound, the costumes and the show comes close to the real thing and many festivals, company parties and clubs have given in to the irresistible urge to party, dance and sing-a-long.